Staff Directory

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District Staff Directory (1-20 of 197)
 First NameLast NamePositionCampus
1  Monica Acevedo Teacher Junior High School
2  Lacy Adkins Teacher Elementary School
3  David Adkins Maintenance Field House
4  Joseph Albright Teacher High School
5  Denise Albus Aide Junior High School
6  Alyson Albus Teacher High School
7  Leanne Allcorn Teacher Primary School
8  Bryan Allcorn Teacher High School
9  Bonnie Anderson Teacher High School
10  Daisy Baiza Aide High School
11  Amanda Banda Aide Primary School
12  Sue Bennink Teacher Primary School
13  Kody Bibik Teacher Junior High School
14  Hortencia Bosquez Aide Primary School
15  Brandon Bowman Teacher High School
16  Green Brent Athletic Director Primary School
17  Brenda Brito Aide Primary School
18  Shanda Broadhurst Teacher Primary School
19  Addie Brown Aide Junior High School
20  Jennifer Brownd Speech Therapist Special Education Office