Guidance Counselors

Littlefield ISD has an exemplary set of counselors who serve a variety of roles.  The school counselor is available to assist students with a wide range of personal concerns, including such areas as social, family, or emotional issues, or substance abuse.  The counselor may also make available information about community resources to address these concerns.

A student who wishes to meet with the counselor should sign for an appointment time in the counselor's office. 

Counselor Responsibilities

Responsibilities vary from campus to campus with most providing the following:

  • counseling of individual students or groups with regard to academic, social, and emotional concerns
  • conferring with parents about their student's academic life and related concerns
  • meeting with teachers and principal to plan appropriate interventions and make special referrals when needed
  • maintaining accurate records on all our students, including exchanging records with other school districts when students move
  • coordinating the administration of TAKS and any other standardized testing on the campus
High School Counselor Jo Hodnett
2110 jhodnett
Junior High Counselor Jill Van de Pol
3110 jvandepol
Primary & Elementary Janet Dillard 4110 jdillard

For email, use the district's domain
Phone Number:  806-384-4150