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NCLB Report Cards
IDEA_ARRA_Building_Certification.pdf18.1 KB
Technology Documentation
Campus Improvement Plans
Public Notification of Nondescrimination47.3 KB
Asbestos Notifications9.73 KB
School Report Cards (TAPR & Accountability Rating System for Texas Public Schools)
2014-15 Graduation Programs307 KB
FIRST - Public Notice of Hearing 11-19-1574.5 KB
State Testing Calendar 2016-1763.4 KB
Littlefield ISD Energy Report 2014-1592.3 KB
2016 Accountability Ratings 8-15-1688.3 KB
Public Notification of Nondiscrimination-English67.8 KB
Notificación Pública de No discriminación68.4 KB
Littlefield ISD Energy Rep. 15-16102 KB
LISD District-Campus Parent Involvement Plan1.51 MB
LISD Community and Student Engagement Ratings 201789.0 KB
LITTLEFIELD ISD Student Handbook 2017 2018561 KB