Guides & FAQs

Below are links to useful guides concerning technology used at LISD. 

Hardware Guides

Document Camera
Mimio Classroom Projector
Phone System

Software Guides

Filr (Documents from Home)
Gradebook GroupWise Email
Internet Explorer
NWQuota (Home Directory)
Password Help
Renaissance Place
Rosetta Stone
SharpSchool Website Documentation
Teacher Self Report
TestNAV Help
 LISD Technology Overview


» Littlefield ISD email:


•Littlefield ISD email services is for work related messaging ONLY. Offensive and or illegal material is prohibited as stated in the LISD Acceptable Use Policy.
•Maximum receive attachment size per message is 20 megabytes, sending attachment size is 8 megabytes. If you have received an over-sized message email, contact the tech department via help desk.
•Non work related messages will not be released.
•Attachments such as movie files and executables, etc. are not allowed.
»File Storage:
•File storage on Littlefield ISD network is intended for work related files.
•Personal photos, music and or videos maybe removed from the servers if they have been deemed abusive toward storage capacities.
•Please note you user directories are limited in size.  There is an icon in the system tray, "NWQuota", that indicates what percentage of storage is used.  When you directory is full you will be unable to save and/or edit documents.  Please use the helpdesk to request assistance with this issue.

»Printing services:
•Littlefield ISD printers are NOT copying machines. Please do not use them as such.
•The Technology Department has a poster printer (36" x 105") that can be used for school or personal printing.  Fees are calculated according to size and coverage.  Please email the technology department if you wish to use this service.
•Toner is provided for the school printers and is distributed from the Technology Department.  If you are needing additional toner, please use the help desk.
•Littlefield ISD internet access is intended for work related usage. Personal usage is not prohibited but is restricted.
•Abuse of internet access such as file sharing etc. is outlined in the LISD Acceptable Use Policy.

»Streaming Media
•If you are needing to show video clips from YouTube for the classroom, LISD uses  Teachers can manage their YouTube videos using the GoLive website to retrieve videos for classroom use.